How To Use My Translations

Requirements To Use Kuro's Translations

● Before you use my translations, please contact me first. You can see how to contact me in this page. Please tell me which translations that you want use, your group name, a link about to your group's information in MangaUpdate (if you're a new group, then you can tell me your IRC Channel or your group's site/blog).

● Give me a credit for my translations, put me (Kuro vi Lolitannia) as translator in the credit page.

● If my translation is and 'exclusive' one (the translations that can only be used by a certain scanslation groups), then another groups are not allowed to use it. Check the project page to find out whether a project is an 'exclusive' translation or not.

● I can give you permission to be the sole group that use my translations, this depends on my trust on your team.

● You are not allowed to rush me in doing my translation (this is exception for some teams though~ Especially my own team, Lolitannia Scans)

● Prepare some proofreaders, because my grammar is not that good. Don't worry it won't be REA~LLY HORRIBLE but if you want a perfection, then prepare proofreaders that good at grammar stuffs.
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