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Seriously, what are even doing in this page?

Want to know about me? You stalker....

Well, I'm Kuro vi Lolitannia, and IRL people call me AKA.
I'm a lolicon, and really love anime and manga (what? U MAD?)

Well, that's all I guess... And I also do some scanlation stuffs.

I guess I'm going to turn this site into hentai scanlation team, and to put my rants too!

Ah, want to contact me? Fukken stalker...

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/lolitannia
E-Mail : kuro-niichan[at]holylolikingdom[dot]net

You can also send me a private message in Fakku! and Lolitannia

Or maybe you'll find me lurking in IRC Channel, I usually hanging around in irc.rizon.net and irc.irchighway.net as KuroViLolitannia.

Places where you might see me in IRC Channel
#Lolitannia @ irc.irchighway.net
#FoOlRulez @ irc.irchighway.net
#imangascans @ irc.irchighway.net
#EveTaku @ irc.rizon.net
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