Weiss Schwarz Neo-Standard Banlist Table

Monday, April 22, 2013  | 

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Last Updated : 23rd April 2013

Here's a basic banlist table for the famous card game, Weiss Schwarz. This one is the banlist of "Neo-Standard" rule. The picture above is a sample on how it looks like.

I made the table myself and it's pretty handy to use, containing English name, Japanese name (in kanji), the name of the title, and of course, the pics of the card. It's in PDf so it is printable as well.

You can download it via Mediafire here : [click me] The size is only around 500-600 kb.

Image Rendering : Madolche Magileine / Majoleine

Wednesday, April 3, 2013  | 

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I tried to do rendering for a bit...

And here it is. A render image of Madolche Magileine / Majoleine.

I made a bit mistake with the layer's position so it won't look nice in bright background. Will looks quite nice on black and dark background though.

Here it is, feel free to take it.

Image Rendering : Madolche Magileine / Majoleine

Link : http://i.imgur.com/nIQb2Hm.png
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