Madolche and Double Summon

Tuesday, November 20, 2012  | 

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Another video of me, playing Madolche deck. This one has the same deck list as before.

This time, we'll see how awesome this card called DOUBLE SUMMON.

In the previous video, you also see how Double Summon decided my win, and this time I use it to summon 2 Queens.

Here's the card

Yes, yes, I know. It looks like this card is a -1, because you waste the cards in your hand. But hey! It's Madolche! Many of Madolche monsters activate their effect by Normal Summoned. Like our own cute version of Stratos, Magileine. We can use her to add Butlerusk, or another copy of her and Double Summon won't become a -1 card anymore but a +1 card instead!


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