[Translation] Mahou no Iroha Chapter 13

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Mahou no Iroha / Magical Iroha Chapter 13
Translator : Kuro vi Lolitannia


Note : The one in square bracket "[]" is translator note. And the one in bracket "()" is the little text, or sounds outside the bubbles
Note 2 : I don't translate some of the SFX because I don't know how it sounds like in English.

Page 1
Magic 13 The Final Battle in Amusement Park

Iroha : Kya
Iroha : That suits you ♡
Emily : ....

Naoki : Wh- What are you doing, Iroha?
Iroha : Yes
Iroha : She said, she wanted to help take care of the house while we go to school

Iroha : So I dressed her with maid uniform
Iroha : Nowadays, an android must wear maid uniform!!
Emily : Really?
Naoki : W- Well, not really

Naoki : Let's hurry go to school!!
Naoki : We're going to be late, Iroha!!
Iroha : Alright
Emily : ......

Page 2
Magic 13 The Final Battle in Amusement Park

Page 3
Naoki : Woah
The sfx in first panel : Chirp Chirp [sounds of birds]

Naoki : Even though Reika messed her up, but Saki could fixed her perfectly
Naoki : Saki is great huh
Naoki : I still can't believe one of my daughter can be that smart
Iroha : !!

Iroha : Well, yeah
Naoki : ?

Iroha : But if it's magic related stuffs
Iroha : Iroha is still smarter!!
Naoki : ......

Iroha : That's right
Iroha : There's something that still made me curious
Naoki : Curious?

Iroha : We already deleted the command that given to Emily from her AI
Iroha : But there's one data left that can't be deleted

Naoki : Da...
Naoki : Data that can't be deleted?

Page 4
Naoki : Will it be dangerous?
Naoki : Will she turn berserk like before?
Iroha : Ah, no she won't
Iroha : Saki said, the command program already deleted, she doesn't have that kind of function anymore

Naoki : Phew
Naoki : That's great
Iroha : But..

Iroha : Up until now, there's no data that Saki can't analyze
Iroha : That's why right now she's flared up to find out
Texts beside Saki : Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu
Naoki : Actually where did they get that "know now defeat" trait?
Text beside Naoki (right, near laptop) : Hmm
Text beside Naoki (left) : I don't have that kind of trait after all

Nanako : Ah
Nanako : Both of you, good morning!!

Naoki : Na...
Naoki : Nanako!!

Page 5
Naoki : H- Hey, Good morn...
Iroha : Morning- Nanako-
Text on top of Iroha : Kyaa
Nanako : Good morning

Naoki : Ukh... I'm jealous to my daughter's easy-going trait...
Nanako : You looks spirited today, Iroha-chan
Iroha : Yeah, Spirit Engine On!!
Text on top of Iroha : ahahaha

Nanako : When I'm beside Iroha-chan, I always feel spirited too
Iroha : he he he, really?

Nanako : Rikka-kun too, since Iroha-chan came
Nanako : I feel that you're changed
Naoki : Eh?

Naoki : I'm changed?
Naoki : Since Iroha came?

Nanako : Before, you always came late everyday right/.
Nanako : In the middle of lesson, you usually sleep or spaced out
Nanako : And you always have a bored face except when you talked with your friend
Text beside Naoki (in the flashback) : Morn'--

Naoki : We- Well, back then, I kinda addicted to net games
Nanako : And nowadays...

Page 6
Nanako : You never late again, and never sleep in the middle of lesson
Nanako : You also join in school's activities

Nanako : Rikka-kun looks cheerful and spirited now...
Nanako : The same as that time when you first came to school

Naoki : .......
Naoki : Nanako...

Naoki : Th- That's right
Naoki : I think it really because of Iroha...
Iroha : Aaah!

Iroha : Hey, hey, look at this, Onii-chan!!
Iroha : There's a new amusement park in Minamihiryuu!!
Naoki : I'm praising her but she's ignoring me

Nanako : Ah!! This is Nyanderland, right?! [make sure you bold the Nyanderland from now on since it's the name of a place, no need to put this TL Note to the released chapter]
Nanako : I saw this in the morning newspaper
Iroha : Sounds fun---! I really want to go---

Page 7
Nanako : Well then, want to go there together this sunday?
Iroha : Yaaay! I want, I want!!
Iroha : Onii-chan, you're coming along okay!!

Naoki : Well, I don't have any plan this Sunday
Naoki : Let's go
Iroha : Yaaaay!!
Text beside Iroha : AWW YEAAH!!

Iroha : I really can't wait!!
Iroha : Sunday, come faster!!
Naoki : Hahaha

Naoki : Ha...
Text beside Naoki : Hah

Naoki : W- Wait a minute...
Naoki : Don't tell me this...

Naoki : This is...
Naoki : This is my first date with Nanako?!

Page 8
Iroha : That's right!!
Iroha : This is what you call a date indeed!!

Naoki : Dating with Nanako in amusement park has always been my dream...
Naoki : I can't believe it'll be granted so soon...
Text beside Naoki : sounds of heart beats, like DOKI DOKI
Iroha : I know, Papa!!

Iroha : Iroha will bring you two closer!!
Iroha : This first date will be a big success!!
Naoki : I, Iroha...

Iroha : If you can date her and going through a bright and happy youth
Iroha : The future Papa will change for sure
Iroha : That's why, Papa must try your hardest too!!

Naoki : ......
Naoki : Iroha...

Page 9
Naoki : Thanks, Iroha...
Naoki : I'm sure I can do it!!

Naoki : This date must turn into a big success...
Naoki : And then...

Naoki : For the first time in my life, I'll confess my love to her!!
Iroha : Yeah!! Papa, you're so cool!!

Box : And then, the fated day has come...

Naoki : .....
Naoki : Though I said it...

Naoki : This is the first date that I have in my life
Naoki : What should I say later?
Naoki : Will I succeed in this kind of situation?

Naoki : Aaah! I'm being nervous again!!
Naoki : My stomach hurts...
Nanako : Ah

Page 10
Nanako : Sorry to make you wait, Rikka-kun!!
Naoki : na...
Naoki : Nanako...

Nanako : Eh?
Naoki : Nanako looks really cute in that kind of dress
Naoki : The pain in my stomach disappeared

Nanako : Where's Iroha-chan?
Naoki : Eh?!
Text on top of Naoki : HAH

Naoki : Urm.. Iroha, she...
Naoki : Suddenly catched a cold yesterday
Nanako : cold?!

Nanako : Will she be alright?
Nanako : Don't you think it'll be better if we go visit her instead....
Naoki : N- Nah, It's okay!! Her cold is better now
Naoki : She told us to just go without her

Page 11
Nanako : Is that so... What a shame
Nanako : She was really excited to come today...
Naoki : Y- yeah... Hahaha....
Iroha : .....

Iroha : It's a lie
Iroha : Iroha's here too, Nanako!!

Iroha : I MUST turn this date into a big success
Iroha : Turn Papa's youth into a bright one...
Iroha : And change the future Papa

Naoki : Well, which one should we ride first?
Nanako : That one!! Let's ride that first!!

Bubble : 3
Bubble : 2
Bubble : 1!!

Bubble : Bungeee!!

Page 12
Naoki : Bungee Jump?!
Naoki : We just came and we're riding that one already?!
Nanako : Yeah!!
Nanako : I always want to try it at least once

Nanako : Is it okay?
Nanako : Let's ride that one, Rikka-kun!!

Naoki : I- I can't run here!!
Naoki : Today, I won't step back no matter what!!

Naoki : This date must succeed
Naoki : And I'll confess my love to Nanako!!
Naoki : Alright! Let's do it Nanako!!
Naoki : Bungee or Renji, whatever, come at me!!
Text beside bald guy : Renji
Text beside Nanako : Horaaay

Naoki : .......

Naoki : Are you kidding me...
Naoki : I must jump from this height!?

Page 13
Naoki : Nanako must be afraid too if it's this high...

Nanako : Bungee----♡
Naoki : NO WAY?!
Text on top of Nanako : Kyaaa

Naoki : She jumped without doubt
Nanako : Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!

Nanako : That was fun!!
Nanako : Rikka-kun you too! Jump!!
Naoki : .....

Naoki : Me Jump?
Naoki : There's no way I can jump from a place as high as this
Iroha : Fu Fu Fu

Iroha : Don't worry! Just leave it to me, Papa!!
Naoki : I- Iroha!!

Page 14
Iroha : I'll make sure Papa jump in a cool way so Nanako-chan'll be impressed!!
Naoki : W, wait now... I have a bad feeling about this

Iroha : Just go!! 3, 2, 1, Bungee!!
Naoki : GYAAAAA!!

Iroha : Papurika Pepuruka

Iroha : Iroharuha!!
Naoki : GYAAAAA!!



Random guy : Woah! That guy's awesome!!
Random guy : He won't stop bouncing!!
Naoki : GYAAA!!

Page 15
Naoki : I thought I'll die...
Naoki : Really...
Nanako : Wow! Rikka-kun that was great!!
Nanako : You bounced 25 times!!

Nanako : I didn't know that Rikka-kun can do something like that!!
Nanako : Just like a circus player!!
Naoki : !!

Naoki : A... Ah! I'm not really that great
Naoki : Hahaha...
Text on top of both of them Hahaha
Iroha : .....

Iroha : Good! The date is going smoothly!!
Iroa : If it continues like this, it'll turn into a great success

Nanako : And next...
Naoki : ?

Nanako : Let's ride this one!!
Nanako : The fastest and scariest jet coaster, Yamafuji!! [Trivia, It seems to be a pun of Fujiyama which means Mount Fuji. Yama=Mountain]
Nanako : They said this is the most famous and popular in Japan!!

Page 16
Box : After that
Box : The feeble Naoki

Box : Follows all of Nanako's wish
Box : Ride all of the scary rides using his spirit...

Iroha : Iroharuha!!

Box : Iroha always helped him using magic

Box : That made him felt like he's in hell
Naoki : How many times will this thing goes around?!

Text beside Iroha (the big one) : Ha Ha Ha
Text beside Iroha (the small one) : The person who's enjoying all the rides the most

Page 17
Naoki : I- I'm dead
Naoki : If this goes one, I'll die for sure
Nanako : ....

Nanako : Rikka-kun, are you okay?
Naoki : !!

Naoki : N- No problem!!
Naoki : It has been a long time since I ride stuffs like this, so I'm a bit tired. Hahaha...
Text on top of Naoki : Ha ha Ha

Nanako : So- Sorry, Rikka-kun!!
Nanako : Don't tell me you're scared to ride those?
Naoki : Eh?

Naoki : N- Nah, not really
Naoki : Well... How should I say it... Scared... Huh?
Nanako : !!

Nanako : Haaaaah
Nanako : I did it again....

Page 18
Nanako : I always love to ride those scary rides...
Nanako : I never think about my companion's feeling

Naoki : Na, Nanako...
Nanako : Back then...

Nanako : Father often fainted when he accompanied me
Nanako : I made a friend cried too because I'm over-excited

Naoki : Oh... Is that so...
Naoki : That's why she had no fear to play bungee jump...

Nanako : ....

Nanako : Rikka...

Nanako : You don't like
Nanako : To be with me right?

Page 19
Naoki : No...
Naoki : That's not...

Naoki : That's not true!!
Naoki : As long as I'm together with Nanako, I am...

Naoki : !!

Nanako : ....

Page 20
Naoki : .....
Text beside them (right) : Ha ha ha
Text beside them (left) : Kyaa Kyaa

Iroha : Do your best, papa!!
Iroha : Only a bit more!!

Naoki : Na...
Naoki : Nanako...

Naoki : I....
[btw, there're sounds of heart thumping all aorund these two panels]

Page 21
Naoki : I...
Naoki : I love...

Nanako : ....

Page 22
Naoki : !? [there's a sound of something hit in here, that's why he's surprised]

Naoki : Hah!

Naoki : I- Iroha?!
Naoki : Hey, Iroha...

Naoki : Eh?
Naoki : Emily? What're you doing here...

Page 23
Naoki : Uh
Naoki : What?

Emily : Sorry

Page 24
Iroha : Papa!!
Iroha : Come back to us, Papa!!

Naoki : I- Iroha...
Naoki : All of you...

Iroha : Waaaa! Thanks god!!
Iroha : I'm really worried, Papa
Naoki : Ouch ouch ouch....

Naoki : I don't really remember....
Text on top of Naoki : ouch
Naoki : I was knocked out right?

Naoki : Huh?
Naoki : By the way, where's Nanako...

Iroha : ....

Naoki : Wha...
Naoki : What's wrong you girls?

Page 25
Saki : Don't be surprised, Father
Naoki : ?

Saki : Just now I finished analyzing
Saki : The undeletable data inside Emily
Naoki : !!

Saki : That data is a program that'll be automatically activated after a certain time
Saki : Her main objective to came to this era

Naoki : The main...
Naoki : ...objective?

Iroha : ......
Iroha : Yeah...

Iroha : That is to kidnap Nanako
Iroha : And bring her to the future

Page 26
Iroha : To the place where...

Iroha : Naoki Rikka, the Future King of Magic is...


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