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Mahou no Iroha / Magical Iroha Chapter 12
Translator : Kuro vi Lolitannia


Note : The one in square bracket "[]" is translator note. And the one in bracket "()" is the little text, or sounds outside the bubbles
Note 2 : I don't translate some of the SFX because I don't know how it sounds like in English.

Page 1
Magic 12 Humanoid Machine [literal translation would be "Human Structured Machine" but I think Humanoid Machine sounds better]

SFXs in this page : Sounds of the train

Emily : Confirming Target

Emily : Target Naoki Rikka
Emily : Commencing Elimination

Page 2-3
Iroha : Papa, watch out!!
Naoki : Eh?
Iroha : Step back!!

Iroha : !?
Magic 12 Humanoid Machine

Page 4

Emily : One gadfly confirmed
Emily : Commencing elimination alongside target

Naoki : W- Wait...
Naoki : What's wrong both of you?!
Naoki : Why you suddenly started fighting?

Iroha : How could I...
Iroha : I just realized after I saw her glowing eyes
Naoki : Eh?

Page 5
Iroha : She's not human... Papa
Iroha : She's a magician-killer android!!

Naoki : A....
Naoki : Android?!

Iroha : Androids are created by the opposite country in the era of magic war
Iroha : Their bodies created from a special metal and invulnerable to magic
Iroha : They're magicians' strongest enemy

Naoki : Th- That's a lie right?
Naoki : How come that little girl...

Iroha : Papa...

Page 6
Iroha : Now that we know she's an android
Iroha : The only way to stop her
Iroha : Is to destroy her!!

Naoki : That girl...
Naoki : A killer android...

Naoki : That's aiming for my life...

Emily : Beautiful...
Emily : I also want...
Emily : To be like a dandelion...

Page 7
Naoki : I beg you, Emily
Naoki : Please stop all of this

Naoki : Even though you're aiming for my life...
Naoki : I can't fight with you

Iroha : Pa, Papa, what're you saying?!
Naoki : Th- That's right!!

Naoki : There's no need to go back to the future, just stay in here!!
Naoki : Ignore that order!
Naoki : Live with us!!

Naoki : Okay, Emily?

Page 8
Stupid Driver : Hey, get out of there!!

Stupid Driver : Eh, you're that brat from before right?
Stupid Driver : Why're you blocking the road, you stupid brat?!

Iroha : Ukh!!
Naoki : E, Emily...

Page 9
Pedestrian : WAAAAA!!

Pedestrian : Sh- She just threw a car!!
Pedestrian : Hiiiii! Monster!!

Iroha : Do you understand now, Papa?
Iroha : Words don't mean anything to android
Naoki : ......

Iroha : Let's keep away from the city and go somewhere without anyone else
Iroha : Hold right!!
Naoki : Waaa!!

Page 10
Text on sign in front of the building : NO ENTRY

Iroha : It should be fine now...
Iroha : The theory says, Android can be attacked after they're exposed to mines
Iroha : We can stop her by destroying the AI inside her head [AI = Artificial Intelligence, if you don't know, go watch more Terminator movies]

Naoki : Do we really need
Naoki : To fight her, Iroha?

Naoki : For me, she's not just a mere robot

Naoki : You also saw her when she looked at the dandelions right?
Naoki : She surprised and didn't anything, just like a little kid

Naoki : That's why... Maybe if she knows nothing, we can just tell her that we're not her enemies....

Page 11
Naoki : And by ignoring her order
Naoki : She can live happily with us...
Iroha : Useless

Iroha : For androids, orders are absolute
Iroha : They'll fight even after they lose their hands and legs
Naoki : B- But...

Iroha : Please understand, Papa!!

Iroha : We must destroy her
Iroha : Or Papa will be killed!!

Iroha : ...Iroha also sad...
Iroha : But Iroha must fight her...

Page 12
Iroha : Because...
Iroha : Iroha came here to protect Papa

Naoki : Iroha...

Naoki & Iroha : !!

Iroha : She's coming!!
Iroha : Papa, go find a place to hide!!
Naoki : !!

Naoki : E....
Naoki : Emily...

Page 13
Iroha : She stepped on the mine!!
Iroha : Now's the time!!

Page 14
Iroha : !!

Iroha : Sh- Shit...
Iroha : I missed...

Iroha : Ukh!!


Page 15
Naoki : !!
Naoki : Iroha!!

Page 16
Naoki : I- Iroha!! Hold on!!
Naoki : Iroha!!
Iroha : Ukh

Naoki : E...
Naoki : Emily...

Iroha : Ru...
Iroha : Run away, Papa...

Iroha : Please...
Iroha : Hurry and run away...

Page 17
Naoki : .....

Iroha : !!

Iroha : Pa- Papa, what are you...
Naoki : Listen to me, Emily

Naoki : In the park, you said...
Naoki : You want to be like a dandelion...

Naoki : You want to fly with the wind, freely fly to wherever you want
Naoki : Then bloom like them....

Page 18
Naoki : If you wish to be like that...
Naoki : Then why don't you become like that?

Naoki : It doesn't matter that you're a robot!!
Naoki : You live in this world!!
Naoki : That's why, you must be able to!!

Naoki : Let's go, Emily
Naoki : No need to fight anymore
Naoki : Just become what you want to be

Emily : .....

Page 19
Emily : What's he talking about?
Emily : My wish?

Emily : My wish.....

Naoki : Waaa--!!

Page 20
Iroha & Naoki : Waaa!!

Iroha & Naoki : !!

Naoki : E...
Naoki : Emily?!
Naoki : Why...

Emily : Hurry get out of here...
Emily : This building will collapse soon...
Naoki : Eh?

Emily : If the my body liquid keeps flowing out...
Emily : I'll automatically explode

Naoki : E...
Naoki : Emily...

Page 21
Emily : That's right...

Emily : I wish I can be "reborn" as a human
Emily : I want to be like that

Emily : Just like a dandelion...

Naoki : Waaaa!!

Naoki : HEYAAAA!!

Emily : What're you doing?
Emily : Even if you're able to, my body will still...
Naoki : HEYAAA!! SHUT UP!!

Naoki : What do you mean by "reborn"?!
Naoki : That's stupid!!
Naoki : Something like that must not be happening!!

Page 22
Naoki : If you want to be like a dandion
Naoki : get out of here and reach it with your own hands!!

Naoki : Even if you're a robot...
Naoki : You must not die...
Naoki : before your wish come true!!

Naoki : !!
Naoki : Iroha!!

Iroha : I forgot...
Iroha : About what I said to Emily

Page 23
Iroha : I already told you right?
Iroha : That I want to be your big sister!!

Emily : .....

Emily : I don't understand...
Emily : What's their reason to help me...
Small text on top of Iroha and Naoki : One, twooo

Emily : Since I was born and live through the battle field...
Emily : And ordered by many humans...

Emily : This is the first time...
Emily : I ever met weird persons like them...
Emily : That think of me as a human being...

Emily : Well..
Emily : No...

Page 24
Emily : It's not "weird persons"

Emily : ...it should be...

Page 25
Naoki & Iroha : E....
Naoki & Iroha : Emilyyyy!!

Saki : So...
Saki : Something like this happened to you last week...
Iroha : Yes

Iroha : Who's the one that sent an andorid here
Iroha : We must investigate this
Saki : That's right...

Saki : But Nee-sama...
Saki : If only you tell me faster...

Page 26
Saki : maybe Reika won't turn the android into such a mess...
Reika : How rude! Not a mess! I'm fixing it you know!
Reika : Don't just talk! Hurry and help me!!

Reika : Even if I look like this, my science score is A, you know!
Saki : Science isn't related to fixing stuffs right/
Reika : Huh, shut up! Just hurry and help! Dammit!

Emily : I still don't understand...
Naoki : Eh?

Emily : For me, you guys are not "Kind Person" but "Weird Peson"...
Naoki & Iroha : We're not huh?
Text above house from right to left : GYA- GYA- YOU-
Box : After fixed by Saki that's good with mechanical stuffs
Box : Their family member increased by one, that's Emily


Anonymous ( February 10, 2012 at 5:49 PM )  

Can i get raw manga online before it gets translated by someone else?
I want to try doing this for you (japanese isn't going too well :S)

Kuro vi Lolitannia ( February 18, 2012 at 7:28 AM )  

No you can't. I already said iMangascans and Lolitannia scans only.

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