[Iphone Game] My Neighbour Girl

Monday, November 26, 2012  | 

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[Iphone Game] My Neighbour Girlfriend

Heya~ It's your favorite Lolicon Emperor, Kuro vi Lolitannia speaking~

This time, I'm going to share an old iPhone game called My Neighbour Girlfriend

Here's the iTunes link : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/my-neighbor-girl/id337500672?mt=8

But hey! If you guys got the money then you won't come to this blog lol.

Here's the .ipa file for you jailbreakers!

Download Here : http://www.mediafire.com/?z2yph5rbybykxzt (version 1.4 by kte)[Around 40MB]
(Weird file name is so Mediafire won't delete it)

Well then, shall we go on to the most unimportant part of this post? MY REVIEW.

Art : ★★★●● (3/5)
Art is not bad. But also not that good either. The girls is not a loli...

Gameplay : ★★★●● (3/5)
Unique gameplay. I can enjoy being a smart and diligent student (while IRL, I'm not lol). But it starts to get boring after a few minutes.... And it's too damn short. Only 3 ending, I can finish it in 2 hours.

Story : ★★●●● (2/5)
What I hate the most is the story. I mean, da hell is this? It's short, the dialogue is monotonous. Boorrinnngg~~

Ecchiness : ✫●●●● (0.5/5)
Almost nothing ecchi. Only one CG where she's in Bikini and that's it.

Overall : ★★✫●● (2.5/5)
...Meh, not that good. And... WHY IS THIS CALLED MY NEIGHBOUR GIRL. First, both of them are not neighbour, it's not even clear if they're sit next to each other or not. Second, the main character is FRIENDZONED. Both of them are not even dating... The word "My" is not needed. Really.

Well, that's it. I don't think this worth your 10$, so here's a free version if you want to try it. Like usual, if you like it then buy it. Support the author darn it.

"A game might be bad, but it's not the heroine's fault. If I don't save her, who will?"

...or something like that.

Madolche and Double Summon

Tuesday, November 20, 2012  | 

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Another video of me, playing Madolche deck. This one has the same deck list as before.

This time, we'll see how awesome this card called DOUBLE SUMMON.

In the previous video, you also see how Double Summon decided my win, and this time I use it to summon 2 Queens.

Here's the card

Yes, yes, I know. It looks like this card is a -1, because you waste the cards in your hand. But hey! It's Madolche! Many of Madolche monsters activate their effect by Normal Summoned. Like our own cute version of Stratos, Magileine. We can use her to add Butlerusk, or another copy of her and Double Summon won't become a -1 card anymore but a +1 card instead!

Madolche Deck

Friday, November 16, 2012  | 

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Hey there lolicons.

Nowadays I started playing Yu-Gi-Oh! again, both IRL and in the net. I usually use YGOPro because there're too many noobs in Dueling Network now.

I'm trying this Madolche archetype now, and it's awesome.

A video me playing Madolche against another Madolche player

Here's the deck list (click for bigger image)


She usually just become a beatstick, and we can't even use her strongest effect, because we run no Equip Spell. I already tried her, not good enough sadly.

9th Book of Nounai Kanojo's Touhou Project Doujin

Monday, September 24, 2012  | 

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9th Book of Nounai Kanojo's Touhou Project Doujin

I'm a few months late updating this, but whatever, here's one great Mediafire link for ya~
New book of Nounai Kanojo's Touhou Project doujin~

Thanks to Team Vanilla, UMAD, and Afro Thunda.

Download in the previous post [in here]

Puchidan (PETITE DUNGEON) English

Saturday, June 16, 2012  | 

Puchidan (PETITE DUNGEON) English


And so, a long long time ago in /jp/, a group tried to translate this game, but it’s progress stopped at only around 10%.

For more story, just see the archive thread in http://archive.foolz.us/jp/thread/7648242/ but well, who cares?

Well, short story, my friend Iam1vs100xp fully translated this game. GIVE HIM A FU*KING ROUND OF APPLAUSE!!!

This game's plot is almost same like Monmusu Quest, where you find monster-girls then rape them! 8D

Download Here : http://mediahide.com/?3DMD7UJ7P06SQCF (The Adf.ly link is created by Mediahide, and not mine, I don't want to annoy you all with it)

Btw, when extracting, please follow the guide in here.

Read this if the game won't open : http://pastebin.com/WLwpL1BN

Dueling Network in iPad

Tuesday, April 24, 2012  | 

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Dueling Network in iPad

I searched via Google and I found one thing so I can play Dueling Network in iPad. I started play YU-GI-OH again a while ago, it's awesome XD

Well, I sometimes play because of the moe artwork though :3

Well, to play this in iPad, I use this program called "AlwaysOnPC"

You can purchase it here : http://www.alwaysonpc.com/ (or just shout 'Yo-Ho-Ho I'm a Pirate' and do what you usually do)

Well, though there're some annoying stuffs...

1. I can't edit or create new deck, dunno how to click and drag using this
2. If you're not using USA / Europe internet connection, there'll be some delays to the command.

Eyeshield 21 Devil Bats vs Nasa Aliens -Chicken- Flash Video

Tuesday, February 28, 2012  | 

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Eyeshield 21 Devil Bats vs Nasa Aliens -Chicken Video-

Hey, I think if you guys read Eyeshield 21 you should know about this chapter where the coach of Nasa Aliens was ridiculed by through that "Chicken Video:.

The link to the video is http://jump.shueisha.co.jp/eyeshield/aku-movie.html but if you check it now, well... IT'S DELETED.

I created a perfect replica of it in this link below



[Translation] Mahou no Iroha Chapter 13

Saturday, February 18, 2012  | 

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Mahou no Iroha / Magical Iroha Chapter 13
Translator : Kuro vi Lolitannia


Note : The one in square bracket "[]" is translator note. And the one in bracket "()" is the little text, or sounds outside the bubbles
Note 2 : I don't translate some of the SFX because I don't know how it sounds like in English.

[Translation] Mahou no Iroha Chapter 12

Thursday, February 2, 2012  | 

Mahou no Iroha / Magical Iroha Chapter 12
Translator : Kuro vi Lolitannia


Note : The one in square bracket "[]" is translator note. And the one in bracket "()" is the little text, or sounds outside the bubbles
Note 2 : I don't translate some of the SFX because I don't know how it sounds like in English.

Light Novel Suzumiya Haruhi Vol 10-11

Saturday, January 14, 2012  | 


I heard that ultimatemegax deleted the download links for Suzumiya Haruhi's Light Novel, volume 10 and 11....

Well, it's licensed by Yen Press....

But I'll be kind here and upload it for you guys. You better prostrate yourself before me =D

I'll take the links down once requested.

Download Link


Download link for volume 1-9 can be found in my previous post

Link last updated : 24 April 2012
If It's taken down again, please contact me via comment
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