Sumire 16-sai!!

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While bicycling to school her first day as a high school student, Renge Ohyama meets a weird girl who on closer inspection appears to be a life-sized doll--and this is not an advanced robotic creation or even a magical doll. Rather, a scary looking middle aged man controls her movements, puppet-like, and speaks for her via ventriloquism. Unfortunately, this perverted-seeming old man and his doll happen to attend her new school. Even worse, is in the same class and sits right behind her. And it seems the doll wants to be friends?!

Mangaupdate Link :

Kuro's Rating
Story : ✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩★ (9/10)
Art : ✩✩✩✩✩✩✩★★★ (7/10)

Kuro's Review:
The concept of idea is very original...
Though the art is not really THAT good (quite... realistic kind of art). But the story is really interesting, some stories can even make you shed your tears.
The mangaka made the real identity of old man a secret though... That really bothers me XD

Conclusion: Read it, it worth your time.

Download in here : [IN PROGRESS FOR BEING UPDATED] (226 MB - Completed)

[Touhou H-Doujin] Imouto no Flandre ga Twin Tail ni shite Oniichan ni Anna koto ya Konna koto

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She's 495 years old, that means she's LEGAL guys!

Flandre in twintail, I mean... That's just friggin' delicious!

Thanks to Team Vanilla for scanlating this awesome manga, go visit their blog for more vanilla stuffs!

There're some download link in their blog too...

But if you're too lazy to search, or maybe some shits happen with their download link, you can download it in this mirror here.

If you guys want mirrors for some manga or doujin (because it's in annoying file hosting sites like Depositfile or Hotfile, or you the link was deleted), feel free to contact me~~ Click here to see how to request it~

Format Your Harddisk's File System into FAT32

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Maybe some of you rich guys don't believe me, but actually in this world, there are people that don't have enough money to buy some PS3 games, because they're in Blu-Ray Disc.

If you have enough money to buy them, GODDAMN YOU RICH GUYS.

Okay, so these people that don't have money, they jailbreaked their PS3, downloaded or bought the pirated games, and they put it in their harddisks. BUT VOILA! THEY FAILED! Why because of this simple matter, THEIR HARDDISK'S FILE SYSTEM IS NOT FAT32, AND THEIR PS3 WON'T DETECT IT!.

They immediately made backup of their harddisk, and format it, trying to change the file system... What happened again? They failed miserably. Windows Vista and Windows 7 won't allow a HDD with size more than 32 GB to be changed into FAT32, Microsoft make the exFAT instead, and it's useless.

So, what to do now? Trying to searched in Google, and found useless tutorials instead?

Okay, I'll tell you how then...

Download this program here, it's called Verbatim FAT32 Format or something like that... This'll help you to format your HDD into FAT32.

Download the PDF File in there too, it's the 'How To Use' instruction.

Oh, and FYI, the girl up there is Windows Vista-tan.

Touhou Project's doujins by Nounai Kanojo [English]

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These goodies are scanlated by the awesome UMAD Scans (I love you guys so~~ much)

Oh, yeah this is a HENTAI DOUJIN so you cute little girls and boys who accidentally stepped on this Pedobear's lair shouldn't download it okay~

There are 8 books (including one special book) in total...

Book 1 - 6 :
Book 6.5 :
Book 7 :
Book 8 :
Book 9 :
Book 10 :

(Yes, the books' stories are connected so follow this sequence)

⑨ Cirno Showed up at my House!
⑨ Reimu of the Hakurei Shrine
⑨ Part Time Job with Youmu at Hakugyokurou
⑨ Rabbit Hunting at Eientei ~ First Quarter Moon
⑨ Rabbit Hunting at Eientei ~ Second Quarter Moon
⑨ Remilia's Challenge
⑨ Cheerful Companions of the Geyser
⑨ The Melancholy of Marisa Kirisame
⑨ Satori Can't Make Many Friends
⑨ Listen to me, I'm Yukari!
⑨ Crawling Up Suwako-san

Yes, I use ⑨ for all of those, SPHEAL WITH IT.

15/08/2013 One year late for me... Uploaded the 10th book.

Make 'Spoiler' in Blogspot/Blogger's Posts

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Well, this program created by AaEzha.

But, his site is in Indonesian language, and many of you don't understand it right? So I post it in here....

By using this program, you can easily make a spoiler in the blogger

This is an example of spoiler created by using this program.

In 'Judul Spoiler' you put the title of your spoiler, and put what the spoiler contains in the box beside it.

After that, just press 'Generate!' and the code will automatically copied to your clipboard.

You can download it in AaEzha's site here, or directly download it here

Translation Project

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Okay, I'm going to translate some manga from now on. It's from Indonesian to English so maybe some of them are a bit off, but I still use the help from Japanese RAW for some stuffs, like the -chan, -kun, etc.

There are some requirements to use my translations, check it here.

What I'm going to translate for now

Durarara!! [Starting From Chapter 14]

If I'm interested in a untranslated manga, and it's available in Indonesian language, then I'll try to translate it, will put it in project page.

Liar Game... Touhou Style?!

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Liar Game... Touhou Style?!

Do you guys know about Liar Game?

It's a great manga by Kaitani Shinobu (info here).

It's a manga with 'mind-battle' as it's theme. Where you must lie, and trick your opponent, and you'll get enourmous amount of money if you win. BUT IF YOU LOSE, you'll be in enormous debt instead.

I'm pretty sure some of you are wondering : SO WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN BY TOUHOU?!

Ponjiyuusu, another manga/doujin author, made this great doujin called Touhou : Gensokyo's Liar Game (info here).

You'll be able to see the Liar Game, Touhou-styled. With the mind-battle stuffs, and of course, with Touhou's awesome magic performances.

Thanks to Gaku Gaku Animal Land for scanlating this awesome doujin. You may find the first chapter in here

Pedobear Game - Bear Gunner by Albino BlackSheep [Flash Game]

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Bear Gunner

This is a really awesome game....

As a lolicon, It really hurts me to shoot the pedobears, my fellow friends.


It's quite easy to play though, I end it only in a few hours

Play it online here :

Or just download it in here :

Puella Magi Madoka Magica : Grief Syndrome [WITH DOWNLOAD LINK]

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica : Grief Syndrome

This game looks aweseome, gonna play this ASAP.

Official site :


Hrm? What? You want to play this awesome game too?

Download here :


You can find the updates of this game (where there are new characters, or some other important updates) in the team's official site :

You can also find the walkthrough, character moves, and other important stuff here :
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