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Chalked Effect

Okay, here's the tutorial~!

The images are in spoiler guys, it'll be pretty helpful, so make sure to look at it.

You will need these stuffs here
1. Adobe Photoshop
2. A blackboard picture as background, you can get one that I have, in here : http://i.min.us/jBB5S.png
3. A cute pic, I use the cute chibi nekomimi pic of Tachibana Kanade from Angel Beats! for this tutorial, grab it here : http://i.min.us/jcXrkK.png (It's a bit unclean, I know, but when you resize it into smaller pic, the uncleaned part will shrink and you won't see it anymore)
4. Chalk font, I use the font called Eraser, it's a great font, ya can grab it here : http://www.dafont.com/eraser.font


1. Open your Adobe Photoshop

2. Open the blackboard pic, and the cute pic...

3. Resize the cute pic, so it will fit the blackboard background

4. Okay, let's begin, set the color of the Foreground and Background. Choose white for background, and choose the color of the blackboard as foreground.... If you use the blackboard that I prepared, that means it's black.

5. Choose the layer with the cute pic in it, then choose Filter > Sketch > Photocopy

6. Set the detail as 5 and the darkness as 50

7. Press Select > Color Range then click the white part of the pic

8. Easiest part, press delete. Now press Ctrl+D to deselect it.

9. What the f*ck? The pic is fukken destroyed you as*hole!! Well, wait a minute guys... Just see no 10...

10. Invert the pic! Click Ctrl+I, and voila!!! Epic right?

11. Another easy part, if you already installed the Eraser font, just choose it, and type whatever text you want on it.

12. You're done! This is mine~

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